Liquidware Signs Deal with VMware

This is pretty exciting news! Liquidware has singed an agreement with VMware for desktop assessment. This will help with the assessment lead approach of architecting a VMware View environment.

“The true benefits of this agreement with VMware, and other organizations using Stratusphere, are the results seen by shortening the sales cycle for next generation desktops, an increase in user adoption and productivity, and an increase in service levels for end-users.”

This takes effect immediately for any customer and can help with all aspects of the VMware View. Ultimatley, this help with a higher adoption rate of VMware View. The rest of the press release is below.

Beginning immediately any customer who is in the exploratory, deployment, comparative, or optimization phase of a virtual desktop project can benefit from the visibility Stratusphere provides backed by the expertise and experience of VMware Professional Services. VMware Desktop Virtualization Assessments are aided tremendously when customers have relevant information on the real-time use of their infrastructure, networks, user activity, storage, applications, and application servers. Customers are encouraged to reach out to their VMware account team or VMware Professional Services to learn more about VMware Desktop Virtualization Assessment Services and for program details and implementation.

The proper planning, design, and implementation of a virtual desktop and application strategy requires true visibility. “Liquidware Labs gives VMware Professional Services additional solutions to complete comprehensive Desktop Virtualization Assessments for our customers, which are critical in the early phases of VMware View™ implementations,” said Andy Knosp, Senior Director,VMware Professional Services.

Stratusphere collects performance metrics in order to evaluate how well the infrastructure will perform when moving to a next generation desktop such as VMware View, and/or Windows 7. In addition, questions of sizing and scaling, infrastructure needs, and TCO/ROI can be more easily quantified as design decisions are rooted in contextual measurement vs. theory.

Liquidware Labs Stratusphere is available for a trial download at



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