Personal Update

“The only constant is change.” Heraclitus

It is funny how fast time can seem to go by. I took a small break from blogging due to my hectic work life and found that it ended up being months since my last real post.  This morning I was gently reminded of how long it has been and here I am back at it.

For my first post back from my unofficial hiatus I wanted to give a little background on some of my personal/work life that has shifted (positively) that prompted the forced break. Warning this has nothing to do with VMware, virtualization or Technology. Read at your own discretion.

First and foremost my amazing wife (hoping she is reading this) and I are expanding our family by one in November. This would be our first child and it has been, to say the least, a colossal paradigm shift full of excitement, anxiety, and accelerated transformation. We are more than thrilled, however it has made us (me mostly) think about every detail and different aspects of our lives and actually focus on the future with a much stronger intent.

This new and very mature train of thought led us down a path of some more immense changes.  For example, we decided to basically gut and remodel our house. I decided a minor career change was in order, more on that later, and we begin the adjustment period of preparing for a larger family. Our 2-year Boston Terrier has no idea what is in store. For that matter I don’t think I do either.

Ok, now back to the job change. I decided to leave my wonderfully cozy familiar office (with a view) and some amazing people to work from home (no view) for a very tiny, may not even be the right adjective, virtualization and storage consulting company. Let me put it another way, I went from a 5+ year job at a nationally awarded, highly recognized 1000+ person technology services company to a 20 person local, although well known, hyper focused consulting firm. It was an enormous professional adjustment. As time goes on I will post more on this change, overall it has been amazing and I am neck deep in the most advance and new technology that is out there. It is really cool.

So to recap: I have been exceedingly busy learning the new gig, putting my house back wall at a time, and trying to pick which college my child will attend that most of my “outside of work” things have been put on hold.

The good/great news I am settled and getting back to the swing of things and I have a lot to write about over the next few weeks. The industry had again changed, rapidly and with VMworld coming up there is a significant amount of new and exciting stuff coming!

Thanks for your patience during my vacation.


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