VMware Acquires WaveMaker

Some interesting news today, it looks like VMware acquired WaveMaker. While this isn ‘t part of VMware’s core virtualization product line it will accent their Springsource division.  Hear is “The Vision” according to the Springsource blog:

We’ve always believed that we should eventually provide Spring-based technology to enable less technical users to build such applications, increasing the value of the Spring platform and enabling many business problems to be solved most cheaply.  In practice, this means introducing visual tooling to take the place of coding, in areas (such as UI design) where automation is possible.  Done right, such automation can even benefit professional developers, for certain classes of application.

Enter WaveMaker.

WaveMaker is a proven, browser-based visual tool for building Spring applications.

With WaveMaker we can create a unique opportunity for coding and non-coding developers to collaborate on the Spring platform, providing large business value.

Traditionally the Achilles heel of such approaches is that the visual tooling produces applications that developers won’t want to hand edit—meaning that once the non-technical staff hit a wall and need further modifications to the application, specialist developers can’t help without reimplementing the application from scratch.

We chose WaveMaker because with it, we can avoid this problem.  A WaveMaker application is a Spring application.  Going forward, we will ensure that WaveMaker applications keep up-to-date with Spring best practices and innovations.

Like Spring, WaveMaker is open source and has a growing community. Over the last 12 months it’s seen a dramatic upswing in adoption, with 135K downloads per month. Let me be the first to welcome the WaveMaker community into the SpringSource family and to encourage the SpringSource community to take a look at how to get started with WaveMaker.

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